Child Abduction

If one parent takes a child out of the UK without the other parent’s permission, the court considers it as child abduction. The term also refers to situations where a child is taken with the custodial parent’s consent but has been retained wrongfully.

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Types of Child Abduction

Court subdivides child abduction cases into three categories, depending on the situation.

They are as follows:


It happens when a parent takes a child (aged under 16) abroad without the other parent’s permission.

In situations where a Child Arrangement or Special Guardianship has already been issued, the court allows parents to take their children outside the UK without appropriate consent for a limited time. If the visit lasts more than 28 days, the court considers it child abduction.

Wrongful Retention

Wrongful retention applies to situations where a child goes on an overseas trip with the other parent’s permission. Then later on retained in the foreign country without appropriate consent.

Risk of Abduction

A parent can request the court to supervise a situation where their child is at risk of being taken abroad without the necessary consent.

All three acts are unlawful and require immediate action to prevent abduction. That is why it becomes important to consult a family Solicitor as soon as possible.

How Can We Help?

We have dealt with several child abduction cases. We understand the need for urgency to protect the child from harm. If your child is at risk of abduction, We will take immediate legal action to prevent the abduction.

However, if your child has already been abducted, we will take on a legal action that supports the child’s safe return.

Child abduction cases can be devastating and often complicated especially when foreign laws are involved. That is why you need a team that has the experience and contacts to assist you.

We have extensive knowledge about the relevant international child abduction laws, and protocols followed by different countries. We also seek assistance from international family lawyers whenever required. Our widespread network ensures that you get legal representation overseas. These lawyers will handle all legal applications and proceedings on your behalf.

Rest assured, we will do our best to assist you during this difficult time. We will make sure that the child is returned to your care as soon as possible.


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