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We are a dedicated team of family law solicitors who aim to represent and support clients in all family law matters. Whether you are considering judicial separation, applying for a divorce or need assistance with child arrangements, we can help.

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Filing for a divorce is a stressful decision. Our dedicated divorce solicitors make things easier with their practical advice and personalised services. We use this approach to make sure that your family does not face any unwanted stress or embarrassment during these testing times.

Financial Dispute

Whether its property or pension, financial disputes are a common occurrence during divorce and separation. We provide practical and effective legal advice for all types of division of assets.

Child Arrangements

Child Arrangement Orders revolve around cases where the family court decides which parent a child will live with and how much time he/she will spend with the other parent.

Child Abduction

If one parent takes a child out of the UK without the other parent’s permission, the court considers it as child abduction. The term also refers to situations where a child is taken with the custodial parent’s consent but has been retained wrongfully.

Protection Orders

You can apply for protection orders if you are a victim of domestic abuse, have been forced to marry, or your children need protection.

International Divorce

International divorce matters can be challenging. Our experienced divorce lawyers help you overcome these difficulties by offering clear and actionable advice.


Unlike divorce, you can apply for annulment within the first year of marriage. The annulment voids a marriage. Our family law expert solicitors will assess the situation to confirm if your marriage is eligible for annulment.

Judicial Separation

If you cannot legally divorce or do not want to divorce for personal or religious reasons, a Judicial Separation is an alternative form of legal separation.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Nuptial agreements protect your property rights and financial assets, in case your marriage ends. Our family lawyers will ensure that you make the right decision when you sign the contract.

Family Law Services for LGBT

Our family law services for LGBT clients are designed for same-sex couples who are married, have a civil partner or involved in a cohabitation agreement. We also offer unconditional support to clients that require legal advice on handling child arrangement issues, division of assets, and other family law matters.


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