Unlike divorce, you can apply for annulment within the first year of marriage. The annulment voids a marriage. Our family law expert solicitors will assess the situation to confirm if your marriage is eligible for annulment. At Family Care Solicitors, our experienced divorce lawyers provide cautious and cooperative legal support. You can trust our expertise to make sure that your application gets approved.

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Conditions for an Annulment in the UK

To Apply for Annulment, you need to show that:

  • Your marriage was never legally valid or;
  • Your marriage was legally valid, but the circumstances made it invalid;

Here is a closer look at these conditions:

Marriages can get annulled if the marriage was not valid when it took place.
For instance:

  • If the marriage occurred when one or both spouses were under 16
  • If you are closely related
  • If one of the spouses was already married or in a civil partnership

If your marriage was never legally valid, then as per the law, it never existed.

However, if you want to marry again, you need a Decree of Nullity. It proves that your marriage was annulled and you are free to marry.

If your marriage does not fit the first category, you need to prove that it is ‘voidable’. That means one of the spouses can cancel the partnership by explaining the illegitimate reason for contesting it in court.
Here are a few reasons which make a valid marriage invalid:

  • You have not consummated the marriage (i.e. have not had sexual intercourse since the wedding). The rule does not apply to same-sex marriages.
  • It was a forced marriage.
  • Your spouse had got infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) before marriage.
  • One of the spouses is undergoing a gender transitioning process.

Like the divorce petition, the court needs proper evidence before they accept your nullity petition. Understanding the legal complexities of this sensitive situation requires expertise. Having legal support can serve you well during these difficult times.

How Can We Help?

Our family law experts discuss all possible options and the consequences of filing for an annulment. We have a trained team of professionals that use a client-focused approach during the proceedings. It means all our actions support your best interests.

We also help you understand the legal implications of an annulment on your child arrangementfinancial settlements, and property rights. Throughout the process, we consider steps that make this journey less stressful for you and your family.

Cost of Annulment

We make sure that our family law services are cost-effective and affordable. We charge a fixed-fee starting from £500 (plus VAT) and the court fees is £550 for annulment.

However, these costs may vary, considering the complexity of the situation.

You can request an estimated quote when you consult our specialists.

At our free initial consultation we:

1. Assess your Circumstances

We like to hear the facts of your matter and we will answer all your questions.

2. Discuss Options

We consider the best available options based on your individual circumstances and discuss further steps that need to be taken.

3. Timeline and Costs

Once we have a clear idea of how we plan to proceed, we will give an estimated cost and timeline for your case. Contact us to book your initial consultation.


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