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International divorce entails applying for divorce when one partner is outside the UK. It can be complex as different divorce laws are practised in different jurisdictions. We can help you issue divorce proceedings in the UK and serve a divorce petition to a person residing outside the UK. Similarly, people outside the UK can issue a divorce petition to a partner residing in the UK.

Can You File an International Divorce in the UK?

You can apply for an international divorce in the UK if:

  • You and your spouse reside in the UK
  • One (or both) of you has been living in England (or Wales) for a minimum of six months
  • When both you and your spouse hold British citizenship, but live abroad

How Can We Help?

We help you understand the legal implications and benefits of filing a divorce in the UK, before the proceedings. Our advice makes the situation clearer and helps you choose an advantageous way to end your marriage.

Having international connections such as off-shore accounts, business, real estate properties, or family ties can add an international element to divorce matters. We have the expertise to manage these unique situations.

We have a wealth of knowledge about different court systems and how international family law can affect your custody rights and financial arrangements. Seek our expertise to:

  • Choose the right jurisdiction to file your divorce.
  • Serve a divorce petition to a spouse living abroad.
  • Decide child arrangements (including relocation, visitation rights, and childcare support).
  • Distribute overseas accounts and properties.
  • Manage financial claims and legal issues.
  • Handling pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements signed outside the UK.
  • Making financial decisions, such as pension and insurance plans.
  • Tax implications of transferring resources from off-shore accounts.

Overall, our family law services cover all the different areas of international divorce matters. You can trust us to offer legal advice tailored to suit your circumstances. We promise to prioritise your concerns and benefits throughout the process.

Fixed–Fee International Divorce

We offer fixed-fee divorce services to make legal support accessible to everyone. Our fees may vary, depending on individual circumstances and the legal challenges that arise during the process. For further details, please contact us.

Our international divorce solicitors will discuss costs and an estimated timeline at the first appointment.

At our free initial consultation we:

1. Assess your Circumstances

We like to hear the facts of your matter and we will answer all your questions.

2. Discuss Options

We consider the best available options based on your individual circumstances and discuss further steps that need to be taken.

3. Timeline and Costs

Once we have a clear idea of how we plan to proceed, we will give an estimated cost and timeline for your case. Contact us to book your initial consultation.


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