Child Abduction

If one parent takes a child out of the UK without the other parent’s permission, the court considers it as child abduction. The term also refers to situations where a child is taken with the custodial parent’s consent but has been retained wrongfully.

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Types of Child Abduction

Court subdivides child abduction cases into three categories, depending on the situation.

They are as follows:


It happens when a parent takes a child (aged under 16) abroad without the other parent’s permission.

In situations where a Child Arrangement or Special Guardianship has already been issued, the court allows parents to take their children outside the UK without appropriate consent for a limited time. If the visit lasts more than 28 days, the court considers it child abduction.

Wrongful Retention

Wrongful retention applies to situations where a child goes on an overseas trip with the other parent’s permission. Then later on retained in the foreign country without appropriate consent.

Risk of Abduction

A parent can request the court to supervise a situation where their child is at risk of being taken abroad without the necessary consent.

All three acts are unlawful and require immediate action to prevent abduction. That is why it becomes important to consult a family Solicitor as soon as possible.

How Can We Help?

If you cannot mutually agree upon the division of assets, you may seek legal consultation.
Your options include:

  • Mediation
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In financial disputes, going to the Court is considered the last resort. Here the Judge helps you arrange a settlement. If you still have trouble agreeing to a deal, a Judge will decide how your matrimonial assets will be divided, and then a Financial Court Order will be made.

How Can We Help?

Our experienced family law solicitors have years of experience in this sensitive area of law. We can provide practical advice and legal representation when applying for a protection order. Our team will handle the paperwork and collect the evidence required to apply for the legal proceedings.

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