Family Law Services for LGBT

We are fully equipped in dealing with LGBT clients. Our lawyer a well trained in dealing with issues of same-sex couples who are married, have a civil partner or involved in a cohabitation agreement. We also offer unconditional support to clients that require legal advice on handling child arrangement issues, division of assets, and other family law matters.

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As reputable family lawyers in the UK, Family Care Solicitors have years of experience in representing LGBT clients. We have worked on several cases revolving around same-sex marriages and civil partnerships. These experiences have taught us how to offer practical and actionable advice for your unique and blended families (i.e. when you are co-parenting adopted children, stepchildren or surrogate children).

How Can We Help?

Our well-trained family solicitors can advise LGBT couples and individuals in all family law matters.

If your relationship with your partner is broken down and you have children, we will make sure that your children do not suffer. We can help you make living arrangements and visitation arrangements to ensure that you can co-parent the children in a supportive and secure way.

Our legal team offers a full-range of family law services to LGBT clients. These include:


Out costs vary from case to case. It all depends on legal complexities and specific circumstances surrounding your situation.

You can request an estimated quote when you consult our specialists.

At our free initial consultation we:

1. Assess your Circumstances

We like to hear the facts of your matter and we will answer all your questions.

2. Discuss Options

We consider the best available options based on your individual circumstances and discuss further steps that need to be taken.

3. Timeline and Costs

Once we have a clear idea of how we plan to proceed, we will give an estimated cost and timeline for your case. Contact us to book your initial consultation.

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